Equien Veterinary Dentistry in Gainesville Newberry Alachua High Springs FLNorth Florida Equine Veterinary Service is committed to providing top-quality equine dental care. Dr. Tanhauser is well versed in the anatomy and physiology of the equine mouth, knowledgeable about current equine dental techniques, and will provide the best in advanced dental care for your horse.  A comprehensive and thorough exam is the basis for every visit – with the use of the following tools, we aim to identify even subtle abnormalities that may produce performance problems, weight loss, or pain:

  • Full Mouth Speculum- An apparatus that is placed in the mouth to keep the mouth open. 
  • Sedation- The floating procedure is not a painful experience for your horse, but some horses are anxious or resistant to mouth manipulations. The use of sedatives allows for a safer, more thorough examination and dental equilibration with less stress to your horse.
  • Power Instruments - North Florida Equine employs the use of power dental instruments as well as manual instruments.  The power floats have a small grinding disc mounted on a handle that is attached to an electrically powered base.  The use of power instruments allows each tooth to be addressed individually, in less time, and with less trauma to soft tissues than manual hand floating.
  • Radiographs (X-ray) – Our advanced equipment allows us to take and view radiographs right on your farm, an important diagnostic tool in the treatment of complex dental issues.