Emergency Services

We understand that problems can happen at any time and that some problems can't wait.  We offer 24/7 emergency services for our clients.


Emergency Phone: (352) 339-2001 


What constitutes an emergency?

IMMEDIATE...call us right away:

  • Colic - your horse is rolling and won't get up, or gets up and goes right back down again
  • Choke - your horse is gagging, extending his neck and may have food particles coming from his nostrils
  • Dystocia - your mare is having trouble foaling
  • Severe bleeding
  • Wounds located over joints, puncture wounds, or wounds exposing bone or tendon

URGENT...call us that day

  • A squinting, painful eye
  • Fever (temperature over 101.5ºF)
  • Non-weight bearing lameness or difficulty walking
  • Difficulty standing or lack of coordination
  • Retained placenta (should be expelled within 3 hours of giving birth)
  • Laceration


An emergency is anything you are uncomfortable with.  For guidelines on how to handle specific emergencies until the veterinarian arrives see our page: What to do until the vet arrives.