Wellness Plan

Whether you are managing one horse or an entire barn, appropriate preventative care is one of the most important things you can provide to ensure the health of the horses in your care. North Florida Equine has developed a comprehensive annual care plan for your horse.  The plan provides preventative health care through twice yearly examinations, vaccinations, and parasite control.  Individual health records are maintained for each horse on the program.

North Florida Equine Veterinary Service Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry FL


  • Complete Wellness Examination

  • Individualized Health Report

  • Coggins Testing (can be done spring or fall)

  • Fecal Analysis for Internal Parasites

  • Development of an individualized parasite control program

  • Annual West Nile Vaccination

  • Eastern/Western/Tetanus Vaccination


  • Complete Wellness Examination

  • Individualized Health Report

  • Dental Examination (with sedation) (spring or fall)

  • Fecal Analysis for Internal Parasites

  • Annual Rabies Vaccination

  • Eastern/Western/Tetanus Vaccination

  • Nutritional Counseling (can be done spring or fall)

Additional preventative care services (routine dental work, sheath cleaning, dewormer, additional vaccinations, microchipping, etc.) provided to horses on the wellness program will receive a 5% discount.

NEW!   Each horse enrolled in the Wellness Plan will be allotted one after hours/emergency visit at the standard farm call fee.

The entire year of preventative care is available for $350.

Please note that a call charge will be required in addition to the wellness plan fee.

Why does my horse need a wellness exam?

Twice yearly wellness exams are key to detecting health issues before they become serious problems. A full report will be provided to you with each exam. The wellness appointment is also an ideal time to discuss feeding, behavior, emerging diseases in our area, or any other concerns you may have with our veterinarians.

I buy my vaccines at the feed store, what are the benefits of having the veterinarian perform them instead?

With the number of vaccines available on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which ones to use and when to use them.  North Florida Equine will work with you to develop a vaccine program that is tailored to the needs of each individual horse with respect to age, life style, and travel schedule. 

In addition, many pharmaceutical companies stand behind their products with guarantees when their vaccines have been administered by a licensed veterinarian.


Conditions of Enrollment

  1. Payment in full for the wellness program is due at the time of enrollment.

  2. Horses must be over one year of age to participate in the program.

  3. Any horse never previously vaccinated will require additional boosters that are not included in the program and will require a separate visit.

  4. Additional vaccines and preventative health care services may be recommended based in the history, stabling, and/or show regimen of each individual horse.  Performance of these additional services will incur additional charges (although a 5% discount will be applied).

  5. Program renewal date will be on the anniversary of the original enrollment.

  6. No refunds or substitutions for unused services.

  7. Pro-rated refunds will be made as a credit to the account if an enrolled horse dies.

  8. Remaining services will transfer to the new owner if horse is sold (please inform North Florida Equine if this occurs).

  9. Non-current accounts may not enroll horses in the program without paying account in full prior to enrollment.

  10. All remaining services will be put on hold for any accounts which become past due until the account is current.

  11. All incentives or additional discounts associated with this program require accounts to remain in good standing to stay in effect.