North Florida Equine recommends the following essentials for your horse’s first aid kit:

1.  Absorbent compress dressings – anything thick and absorbent to use when applying pressure to a bleeding wound

2.  Bandage material – rolled cotton or a specifically designed bandage roll

3.  2 – 6 inch gauze rolls

4.  Self-adhesive bandage such as Vetwrap or Coflex 4-inch rolls

5.  Non-stick Telfa pads

6.  Gauze 4X4 pads

7.  Antiseptic wound scrub and solution

8.  Antiseptic wound ointment

9.  Cotton-tipped swabs

10.  60cc Syringe for flushing wounds

11.  Bandage Scissors

12.  Flashlight

13. Duct tape

14.  Eye wash

15.  Epsom salt

16.  Stethoscope

17.  Thermometer

18.  Hoof pick

19.  List of Equine Vital Sign normals

20.  Phone number(s) for your Veterinarian

Store your first aid kit in a temperature-controlled space.  Leaving it in the heat of a truck or trailer will quickly degrade the supplies.

Keep all these items together in one place.  That way they will be readily available when you need them quickly.   You can also more easily inventory your kit to ensure that items are replaced as they are used or become outdated.

You might want to talk with  your veterinarian about customizing your first-aid kit for your horse’s particular needs.  For example, if you will spend extended periods of time on trails where veterinary help could be delayed, you might include prescription items such as phenylbutazone, Banamine paste, or antibiotic eye ointment.

Contact North Florida Equine Veterinary Service for pricing on the fully-stocked first aid kit shown above.

If you have questions about how to use any of these first aid supplies, North Florida Equine would be happy to provide a First Aid Demonstration to your barn or group.

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